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I was so much older then...

Ever since I got the Byrds album "Younger Than Yesterday" back when it came out in the 60's I have always liked it a lot. It has lots of nice Byrds tunes, Dylan's "My Back Pages", Clarence White guitar licks and on one song "So You Want to be a Rock & Roll Star" it had the great South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela. I still listen to the album fairly often. My only complaint is that the songs are all so short.

 Anyway, it was a pleasure to be asked by Sonoma county band "Solid Air" to play the trumpet part when they performed "So You Want to be a R & R Star" this past August at the KRSH Backyard Concert. The band is really good so it was a pleasure for me to join in. I didn't see anyone running for the exit so I guess the sound was decent. Lotsa fun & thanks Allegra, Sam & company!

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RaAA GrR Rrrrrr RAAaAAaa RrRrraaaaa RaaAA!! ( Rock out in Southern California, THUGZ!, for those who don't speak Zombie)
Great album, Mike! I would have loved hearing you play!

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